Every dog deserves a treat once in a while to show them what a good boy or girl they have been. However, as the pet owner, it’s your responsibility to choose which treats are right for your puppy. Will you be giving them a slice of your steak, some scraps from your bread or store-bought treats? When is the right time to feed your dog the treats?

Here’s a number of excellent tips that can help you choose what the right dog treats are and when you should give them to your beloved canine:

1) Find Treats with Benefits

Your dog will likely enjoy any treat you give them, so it’s ideal to feed them something that you know will benefit them. Choose food that has certain advantages, whether it’s for your doggie’s dental or nutritional health.

Along with those benefits, it’d just be better to look for ones with different flavours. Constant meaty flavours won’t do your pet or their breath any favours, so having a variety of cheese, blueberry, pumpkin, sweet potato, and the like may be a better treat for them. 

2) Be Wary of Certain Table Foods

Although it may be tempting to grab something from your plate to stop your dog’s pleading eyes under the table, it might not always be wisest to do so. A majority of table food will likely contain a lot of fat and sugar due to its preparation and overall composition.

Feeding your pup table scraps may be considered okay once in a while, but you’ve got to keep an eye on their weight. Providing them with too much every breakfast, lunch, and dinner may make your dog bloated or obese.

3) Look for Fresh and Bite-Sized Treats

Fresh dog treats are probably the best bites you can give to your dog since they will likely lack most of the preservatives that other snacks might have. Just remember to keep an eye out on the expiry date when tossing some of this tasty food.

Aside from the freshness of the treats, try to consider the sizing of it as well. Treats that are too large may lead your dog to a stomachache or possibly condition them to eat bigger servings in the long run. Go for smaller-sized snacks instead.

4) Save for Special Occasions

Dog treats should be chosen and given during specific times only. Although it can be good to keep them on hand, they’re ideal to take out and share on doggie birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Day and other special occasions. Consider using dog treats if you want to potty train your pup or teach them any new tricks you want them to start picking up as well. 

5) Aim For Nutritional Balance

Nutritional balance is something that you should always keep in mind when choosing dog treats. Just like with humans, it’s ideal to have natural and healthy ingredients that will be easy to digest and good for the diet. Try to skip any treats that list down artificial colours and sweeteners in their ingredients, along with any that have too high of a calorie count for your dog.


Picking the best dog treats may take some effort and research, but it’s worth it to ensure the overall health and well-being of your pet. Don’t forget to give yourself some dessert too to reward yourself for being a great pet owner.

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