The holidays are right around the corner, and people expect to throw parties left and right. However, pet owners shouldn’t forget about their beloved dogs during the celebrations, no matter how busy it gets. Therefore, it’s vital to train your dogs on behaving during the holiday season. But how should pet owners train their dogs in preparation for Christmas?

1. Know What to Expect

Before training your dog for Christmas, it is vital to know what to expect from the holidays. It is essential to realise that more food, Christmas parties, and treats will be around the corner. If you don’t prepare your dog for this, you may end up with a too excited dog and become aggressive around the holidays.

It is a great idea to keep your dog busy during the holiday season by giving it regular walks and engaging it in the early morning or late afternoon walks. A casual dog walk should help them not to become overly excited around Christmas time.

2. Create a Positive Environment

Since the holidays come with treats and food, dog owners need to create a positive environment for the dog. The positive atmosphere will help the dog not think that the holiday season is negative. It is essential to look at the positive side of the holidays and not focus on the food.

3. Train Your Dog on the Appearance of Toys

As the holidays are approaching, more and more toys are popping up around the house. These toys are often coloured in red and green, so you might want to consider the possibility that they may appear in the place during the holidays. You can train your dog to associate these toys with treats or food.

4. Maintain Their Usual Routine

It is essential to maintain their usual routine to avoid an unruly Christmas season. It is inevitable to create a new schedule for the dogs during the holidays as it may confuse them. It is vital to avoid any changes and keep them in the usual routine, and changes should happen after the season ends.

It is vital to maintain your dog’s usual routine during the holidays and other times in the year. Maintaining habits will help your dog not to get nervous and excitable during the holidays. The dog’s routine will be even more critical during the holidays due to the increased amounts of people, food, and toys around the house.

5. Make Them Feel Remembered

Due to all of the excitement, the dog may begin to feel like the holidays aren’t about it. Even though the holidays are around the corner, it is vital to remember that families and loved ones are this time. If your dog understands that the holidays are about family, it will realise that it is not being left out.

Since you and your family will inevitably be busy during the holidays, it is essential to keep your dog active as well. The holidays are becoming more and more popular with pet owners, so it is a great time to get some Christmas toys for your dog.


The holidays are a busy time for many people and dogs alike. The best way to prepare for the holidays is to have your dog understand what is happening around the house and that the dog isn’t being left out. As many people get into the holiday spirit, your dog may get nervous and attentive. Therefore, it is essential to make your dog feel welcome in the house with you when the holidays are around.

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