If you think about it, our furry friends are more used to indulging in raw meat than the typical brown kibble you often buy in any local pet store. After all, raw feeding is the most biologically appropriate way of feeding and is considered to be a slow-release diet with a closer resemblance to what your pet would consume in the wild.

A raw diet is not only more natural to your pet, but it will also help your pet be less prone to conditions such as an upset tummy, diarrhea, vomiting, food allergies and obesity. In addition, it also helps your pet lose excess weight and live a healthier, longer life. But how exactly does raw feeding make a world of difference to your fur baby’s diet and overall well-being?

The Surprising Benefits of Giving Your Pet a Raw Diet

Benefit #1: Improve Joint and Bone Health 

When you decide to transition your pet to a raw diet, you’re actually helping him, or her keep a much healthier spine, hips, and joint alignment. Raw feeding offers some of the best nutrients a pet needs to help support his or her bones and joints. It allows them to receive the appropriate amount of calcium and vitamin D, which helps prevent arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Benefit #2: Improve Immune System 

By feeding your pet a raw diet, you’re allowing him or her to experience a highly nutritious and immune-boosting diet that can help your pet avoid and fight off diseases, viruses and infections. Whether your pet spends time outdoors or not, a raw diet can help fight off illnesses and keep your pet healthy for life.

Benefit #3: Nutritious and Well-Balanced Diet

Raw feeding allows your pet to receive the appropriate amount of nutrients and vitamins, such as protein, B-Vitamins, and Calcium, that keep him or her healthy and happy. Raw meat, for instance, provides high-quality protein that helps your furry friends build stronger muscles. 

Including fruits and vegetables in your raw-focused pet bowl can also elevate their dining experience, as the colourful addition offers an abundance of antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes. 

Benefit #4: Improve Skin and Coating

While the food your pet eats may not directly affect the way he or she looks, it can support healthy skin, coat and growth. Raw feeding helps your pet stay hydrated, which helps produce a shiny fur coat, strong hair, brighter eyes and a healthy-looking body.

This is because raw feeding offers the right amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that keep your pet’s skin, coat and nails in tip-top condition.

Benefit #5: Improve Dental Health 

Dental health is another key component of their overall well-being that is often overlooked. As you may already know, raw feeding introduces your pet to a variety of raw bones, which are great for helping chew, clean, and maintain proper teeth and gums. 

Raw bones are also edible, so they can help remove tartar. Raw feeding also features other natural ingredients, such as apples and carrots, that can help prevent tooth decay and dental disease.

The Bottom Line: How Raw Feeding Elevates Your Pet’s Life 

Packed with nutrients, essential minerals and healthy fats, raw feeding can be a delicious and cost-efficient way to improve your pet’s health.

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