For many people all over the world, their dogs aren’t just pets: they’re family. It’s quite natural that they’re part of practically all celebrations. There are even birthday cakes made specifically for dogs these days! So it’s no wonder that as you enter a milestone in your life by getting married, you want your pupper involved. That said, there’s a lot of stress typically attached to weddings. Keep the furbaby end of things stress-free! 

Read on to learn more about how to have your dog involved when you get married:

Keep It Cute With Accessories

There are several ways to get your dog looking stylish on the sweetest day of your life. It doesn’t even have to be a matching tuxedo or veil; something small will do just as well! Flowers, handmade signs and bow ties are great options to explore. 

The signs usually hang from a fancy collar with sayings like ‘My Humans Are Getting Married’ or ‘Just Here For Cake’. Flowers can be used as a garland, again around the collar area. However, take note that several plants like daisies and lilies are toxic for dogs in particular.

Make Sure the Venue Is Okay with Pets

A good rule of thumb before planning towards this end is to talk to your wedding venue. Make sure that the kind of venue you’ve booked allows pets. While some people delegate this to their wedding coordinator, it may be best to check yourself so you can be sure. Several indoor venues tend to have strict pet restrictions, including churches, banquet halls, and restaurants.

Outdoor weddings are usually better for pets to be present. This includes forest preserves, public beaches and similar venues.

Take the Dog’s Personality into Account

No matter how much you love your doggo, it’s key to be realistic. A lot will be going on during your wedding. Take the time to sit down and consider the personality of your beloved dog. Honestly think about his level of distraction, whether they’re friendly with kids, if they can sit for a long time and other similar considerations.

If you’re getting married outside, there are bound to be birds, might be an aeroplane passing overhead and possibly even cars passing by. Will your fluffy pal be able to stay focused throughout any or all of that? If the answer to that is yes, and if your puppy has a low-key demeanour in general, great! They will be able to do well, and you can have them as your ring bearer or just present at the ceremony.

Alternatively, they can play a key role in your wedding photos instead. Pick out a designated dog sitter who can keep your baby company and bring them out when it’s okay to do so amidst all the fun.


Dogs are essentially family to many people, so if you’re looking to include yours in your wedding, that’s wonderful! Proper planning will have to be executed for things to go well, though. Keep it cute with accessories, make sure the venue is okay with it and take the dog’s personality into account.

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