Dog owners like to give treats to their pets, especially for training and schooling purposes. However, not all treats are good for dogs. Besides certain food items, other products can also potentially harm your dogs’ health.

Every dog owner should know the bad treats to keep their fur babies healthy, especially since it should be an animal’s primary diet. If you notice, dog treats’ packaging come with feeding instructions that the product shouldn’t account for more than 10 percent of your dog’s caloric intake. You’re probably wondering what makes some treats unhealthy. Read on below:

What are Unhealthy Dog Treats?

Old-fashioned dog treats don’t necessarily mean they’re unhealthy, but most of them are filled with artificial flavours and synthetic scents. Sure, dogs love them, but their subpar ingredients can do more harm than good. 

Inexpensive fillers are the most common unhealthy ingredients found in dog treats. These fillers are corn, soy, wheat, etc. These don’t contain enough nutrition to satisfy your pet, even if you’re simply offering these goodies as a snack.

Another dangerous treat is rawhide because it doesn’t break down in the digestive tract. As a result, your dog may experience gastrointestinal blockages. Additionally, rawhide is brittle enough for dogs to tear it apart, which can make it a choking hazard.

What are the Dog Treats You Should Avoid?

With hundreds of dog treats available on the market today, it may seem a bit confusing which ones to avoid. Don’t worry; we got you covered. Listed below are some of the dog treats you need to avoid are: 

  • Dog treats from China
  • Cooked or raw bones
  • Rawhide
  • Dog treats with unnatural colouring
  • Treats containing high amounts of sugar
  • Treats high in corn, soy, or wheat

You need to take the time to research because some big brands may not be the healthiest choice for your dog. When choosing the best treats for your dog, quality is important so it’s best to stick to reputable brand names.

You also need to be mindful of where the dog treats were manufactured and packaged. As much as possible, avoid the ones from China because these are usually the treats that end up on product recall lists. 

Why Should You Stay Away from Bad Dog Treats?

It’s not worth it to reward your dog’s good behaviour with products that will send them to the vet. Moreover, even if your dog doesn’t show any health issues right then and there, dog treats that contain low-quality ingredients can have your dogs develop health issues down the line.

Your dogs should follow a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. For this reason, giving them high-quality treats will give them that much-needed health boost to make them live longer and have a good quality of life. 

Healthy Treats for Your Dogs

Dog treats are often one of the most confusing products available on store shelves. Some may even contain ingredients that could harm your dog. Choosing the right dog treats is an investment in your dog’s health. The best things to do here are to be aware of bad dog treats and what to avoid when shopping for them. That way, you can guarantee you’ll only give the best and healthy treats for your fur babies. 

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