Your growing puppy needs all the nutrition and energy they need from their food. Picking out the right puppy food can be a complicated process, as you only want the best for them. Puppy food and adult food are vastly different and contain the right amount of nutrients to help them grow up.

When choosing your puppy food, here are the essential things to know so you get the best one for your fur baby.

What Nutrition They Need

Puppies need a lot of energy and strength. To get this, you need to give them food with the right nutrients.

Puppies will need proteins to help them build their muscles and bones. Joint-boosters should help in this area as well, giving them stronger joints. You should also give them carbohydrates to give them enough energy to play around and learn about their environment.

On top of that, they will need fats to nourish their skin and several vitamins and minerals. For vitamins, zinc is great for keeping them healthy and immune from illnesses. For perfect vision and brain growth, give them any food that is rich in Omega-3. These vitamins will help your puppy grow strong, physically and mentally.

If you want something to help them improve their digestive system, prebiotics such as beet pulp should work wonders.

How Often to Feed Them

Food is not the only thing you should be worrying about, but the frequency of feeding as well. Depending on your puppy’s age, you should feed them a specific number of meals a day to nourish their growth.

For puppies aged two to three months, you need to feed them four meals a day. For those aged three to six months, you can lessen this to about three meals a day. And finally, for puppies aged 6-12 months, you can feed them about 2 meals a day.

Depending on your puppy’s breed, you might have to continue feeding them twice a day for up to 24 months if you have a big puppy breed.

What to Do When Puppy Is Not Eating

If you find that your puppy is not eating, there may be a number of reasons for this. For one, you might be overfeeding them. If you give them too much food or treats, they could be too full for your next feeding.

It is also entirely possible that your dog simply doesn’t like the food. If they are a bit picky, consider switching up your food flavours. 

Other environmental factors also have an impact on your puppy’s appetite. For instance, stress, environmental changes, or even the weather can put your dog in a mood where they simply do not want to eat. Much like us, small factors can influence our appetite.

Generally, you shouldn’t be too worried about your dog skipping a meal once in a while if they seem happy and healthy. As long as they are eating regularly, this will combat low blood sugar. If they seem a bit under the weather and don’t feel like eating frequently, then it’s best to seek professional advice.


Make sure your puppy gets the nutrition they need with only the best food for them. When your puppy eats the right food, they will grow happier, healthier, and stronger.

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