Puppies are cute, playful, and one of the most adorable pets to have in your home. They bring joy to everyone, especially kids and even your guests and neighbours who love animals. 

If you plan to get a new puppy, you have probably already thought of everything—their name, the cake for their first birthday party, or the toys you plan to get them. But what else should you prepare for besides their adorable face? 

Here are some tips on how to give treats to your puppy after bringing them home with you, and you believe they’re ready to begin their training.

Give Them Treats As a Reward for Good Behavior

During training sessions, puppies always love receiving treats as a reward. They become more responsive, which means you have better chances of holding their attention. That way, you get to train them better. 

When training your puppy, have a lot of treats ready and make sure you praise them well when you witness their effort to try and understand your command. Keep the sessions at a reasonable amount of time to avoid losing their attention. 

Make Sure You Offer Them Treats at the Right Time

Puppies can smell treats easily. However, instead of giving it to them every time they ask for it, don’t give in when they’re too excited. 

Instead, let them stay calm and respond to your cues before you give your puppy a well-deserved treat. Doing so will lay the foundations for good behaviour, proving to them who’s the master. 

Hand Out Treats to Them in Moderation

During the early stages of a puppy’s life, you must be hands-on when training them. It’s easy to get tempted to give them treats all the time because they’re just so adorable. However, you shouldn’t overfeed them as this may upset their stomachs. 

When giving treats to puppies, keep it in moderation. Distribute them during training, and make sure you’re not giving too much to save room for their meals. 

Never Give Human Food as Dog Treats

Human treats may seem harmless, but they’re not designed for pets. Remember, your puppy’s metabolism is different from people, which means they could react differently to the treat. 

Chocolate is toxic to dogs, so don’t think of giving them even just a tiny piece. Make sure to tuck away human treats safely where your puppy can’t reach them. 

Make Sure to Buy the Correct Treats

There are many puppy treats you can get today, but not all of them are a great choice for your pet. When shopping for them, always consider your puppy’s health. You can get healthy ones in most pet stores. 

Choose the ones that contain natural ingredients like fish and chicken. Stay away from treats that contain high sugar, preservatives, and saturated fats. You can also get those that come with many vitamins and nutrients to help keep your puppy healthy. 

The best thing to do, especially if it’s your first time taking care of a puppy, is to ask your vet’s advice. They will know the best treats for your puppy and advise you accordingly. 

Treats That are Right

Treats are important, especially through your puppy’s growing years. However, you mustn’t overdo giving them and know when’s the best time to offer it during your dog’s training. Puppy treats play a significant role in your pet’s health, so as much as possible, choose healthy ones to avoid complications. 

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