Anyone who loves their dogs would love to spoil them at every opportunity. One way to show your love for dogs is to give them dog treats. You can quickly get these treats from pet stores, groceries, and online retailers. You can even make some of your own at home.

Although it’s understandable that you want to spoil your canine companion, you should also remember that certain treats or giving too many treats may not be suitable for your dog either. This article will run you through the dos and don’ts when feeding your dog treats.

You Can Give Dog Treats for Training

The most popular use of dog treats is to train your dog. Set goals and reward your dog when they achieve their goals. Dogs are reward-oriented, so training using treats is a great way to get a dog’s attention and keep them focused on the task and not distracted by other factors.

You can decrease the number of treats over time. As your dog learns the behaviour, they will eventually learn to behave without needing treats.

Make Sure to Read the Label

Treats ordered online or in-store have ingredient labels. Other than looking for organic dog treats, you may want to look into the specific ingredients in these treats. A dog with a sensitive stomach or allergies may not do well with a particular treat. If so, you should consult a vet before considering giving your dog a treat.

Follow Feeding Guide Recommendations

Your dog may require a certain amount of calories depending on its breed and size. Giving them too many treats can make them put on unnecessary weight. In general, you can give more treats to young and active dogs compared to older dogs that rarely engage in strenuous physical activity.

Give Your Dog Space as They Eat the Treat

Dogs can be territorial with their personal space. You should give them personal space while they enjoy their treat. Also, you don’t want to pressure or scare your dog off their treat by trying to take it away. Let your dog eat their treat in peace.

Avoid Overfeeding Your Dog

Treats are typically small, but feeding them too much to your dog can make your furry pal put on excess weight. In addition, too much of treats may make them stop eating their usual dog food, which is beneficial in dietary nutrition.

Don’t Feed Them Human Snacks and Junk Food

It’s not a good idea to give your dog human snacks because dogs have different digestive systems that may not be able to process certain substances. While we enjoy these snacks, they may contain ingredients that are not good for your dog.

Don’t Give Treats to Dogs That Are Too Excited

Some dogs are practically frenzied by treats. You’ll have a hard time getting them to sit, stay, or even just relax. They’ll just be excited the whole time. Be sure your dog has calmed down before giving them treats. Otherwise, you may encourage frenzied behaviour.

Treats Do Not Replace Regular Meals

You should not use dog treats as a meal replacement. Treats are not the best source of nutrition since they are not filled with many vitamins, minerals, and proteins like the dog food that your dog is used to eating.

Be sure that you’re always giving your dog proper nutrition by giving them a balanced diet.


Treats are great for dogs because they are an excellent way to show how much you love them. However, you should always give them treats in moderation. Follow the guidelines above to ensure that you’re giving your dog the right amount of food.

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