Raw Food Diets for Pets are becoming increasingly popular, and it is critical that you select a diet that is safe for your pet.

Can Your Dog Consume Raw Food?

Yes, they very certainly can. And they’ll be considerably healthier as a result. Dogs’ stomach fluids are extremely acidic, allowing them to quickly digest raw bones while also killing germs. However, transitioning a dog that has never eaten raw bones and flesh should be done gradually over time. “But bones make my dog ill,” we frequently hear. This is because the raw meat and bones were introduced too quickly, causing the pH level of the stomach fluids to adapt proportionately.

We know that any raw beef diet carries the danger of food-borne diseases. These microorganisms represent a risk to you and your pet if the food is not properly prepared, handled, and stored.

We’ve compiled a short list of pointers to help you decide on a raw food diet.

1. Only Use Fresh Produce

When it comes to raw food, the quality and freshness of all ingredients is critical. To avoid spoiling, your pets’ raw feed should consist solely of fresh produce that has been handled and prepared swiftly and hygienically.

2. Store Raw Food the Proper Way

When choosing a raw food diet, you must ensure that it is stored appropriately. Fresh food will last over three times longer if it is stored in a refrigerator or cool place. Alternatively, the food can be frozen, in which case it will last for much longer.

3. Consider Where the Meat is Sourced

An abattoir is where the meat we consume is processed. Pet food companies are encouraged to source meat products for pet food from abattoirs for three reasons:

  • They are part of the human food supply chain.
  • Abattoirs have sophisticated quality and safety systems.
  • By using this source, we are using available ingredients while minimizing environmental impact.

A knackery is where traditional pet meat is manufactured. Pet meat is unfit for human eating and poses a greater danger. If you have any questions about the source of the ingredients in your pet food, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer or supplier of the pet food.

4. Learn Good Hygiene Habits

It is critical to practise excellent hygiene habits while handling any food. Handling raw pet food is the same as handling raw meat, and it is critical to properly wash your hands, surfaces, utensils, and bowls with hot soapy water.

5. Balance the Fat and Protein

Proteins and fats are the cornerstones of your dog’s raw diet. This accounts for the majority of their dinner. It’s as easy as purchasing ground beef or pieces and placing them in your dog’s bowl. However, balance is essential.

This implies giving a diet of 10% to 20% fat overall, including any fats, such as fish oil, that you add to your dog’s raw diet. Protein will be the remaining base of your dog’s raw meals.

6. Consider the Calcium and Minerals

Your dog needs a consistent supply of minerals and trace minerals. Like enzymes from proteins, Minerals are vital cofactors that power all of your dog’s metabolic activities. Things might go horribly wrong if your dog is deficient in minerals. He may develop debilitating joint disease, heart problems, convulsions, and other complications.

If your dog were a wild wolf, he would consume whole creatures such as deer and bunnies. This sort of wild prey has a bone content of around 12% on average, with minimal variance. In reality, eggs are only 12 per cent shell (another source of calcium).

As a result, the bone should account for 10% to 15% of your dog’s overall diet. Puppies require at least 12% bone and up to 15% bone to maintain their skeletal growth and the formation of adult teeth.


As you can see, there are many important factors to consider when choosing a raw human-grade diet for your pet. Manufacturers and pet food companies need to adhere to strict guidelines and adhere to a strict manufacturing process to ensure quality and consistency.

We always recommend that you check your raw pet food manufacturer, including contact details and location, to ensure the product you are choosing is safe. If you are in any doubt, we recommend you do NOT feed raw food to your pets.

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