Dogs don’t have a lot of need for accessories. They already have fur and bones and everything they need to get by. But what better time than the holiday season to dress them up and take that perfect, memorable picture. Below are some adorable dog accessories for holiday photos.

Leather collar

Leather collars are a great addition to any dog’s wardrobe.


Many dogs do not care for clothes, but you may still want your dog to wear something special for holiday photos or parties. If so, bowties are the perfect accessory!


Your dog can look like an elegant gentleman or a helpful butler with a tie around its neck. How cute is that?


Bandanas can keep your dog warm and give it a distinguished air of class.

Holiday Sweaters

For the more fashion-forward pooch, holiday sweaters are ideal. A sweater can add warmth and cuteness to your dog’s wardrobe.

Matching Family Pyjamas

Not every dog is comfortable in clothes, but matching pyjamas are a great option for those who feel more comfortable in a family ensemble.


A cap may be a nice alternative to sweaters for those dogs who do not like the feel of anything on their head.


Sunglasses are perfect for any dog on the go or in need of some extra attention.

Beanie Hats

Similar to a Santa hat, a felt or wool beanie fit for a dog will add a bit of charm and fun to your photos.

Holiday Dog Onesies

If your dog is partial to dressing up, a holiday onesie like elves or santa claus are sure to be a hit, especially during the holidays.

How to Buy Dog Accessories for Holiday Photos

Dog accessories are available in various forms, but you will want to get the right fit for your dog. Accidental strangulation is risky and can be life-threatening. That is why always make sure you know the proper way to put on and take off your dog’s accessories.

How to Have the Best Holiday Photo Shoot with Your Dog

Photoshoots are fun, but many people are not really sure how to make them successful. Here are a few tips for a successful photoshoot with your dog:

  • Pick a time when your dog will be most alert.
  • Choose a dog-friendly location.
  • Have treats on hand.
  • Try to take pictures in natural light.
  • Take pictures of multiple poses.
  • Practice different poses.
  • Keep it fun!

Find the Best Photographer to Capture Your Holiday Memories

A holiday photoshoot can be an exciting way not only to capture precious memories but for your dog to include in the festivities. There are many ways to make the most of holiday photos. Use the tips above to find the perfect accessories to bring out the holiday spirit in your dog, and get creative with your poses! Having your dog in your holiday pictures is a great way to commemorate the season. This holiday season, make sure you capture every moment and capture it with your dog! 

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