We, humans, had an excellent time watching the fireworks display during New Years. Traditionally, they supposedly expel evil spirits and demons. But now, fireworks are symbols of festivity and celebration. We might get another treat this 26 January 2022, with Australia Day.

Sadly, our dogs do not see fireworks the same way as us. New Year’s Eve may have been a night of terror and fear for man’s best friend. Some  furbabies might have even gotten  severely injured to get away from the loud noise.

If you are still looking for ways to calm your beloved pet during festivities that end with spectacular fireworks displays, take time to read this article. Get your furbaby and grab their favourite dog treats as you go through this. It will make a big difference.

Why Do They Fear Fireworks?

Things would be so much easier if our furbabies could only talk. They can tell us why they are afraid of fireworks over dog treats (for them) and coffee (for you). Considering that they cannot do that, we might as well decipher their actions or understand why they fear fireworks.

Our furbabies have heightened senses. Their senses of smell and hearing are far superior to ours. It means that fireworks are loud explosions that emit an unusual odour. Considering that fireworks do not occur every day, it causes our pets’ anxieties to increase.

They are unable to comprehend what is going on. Unfortunately, we cannot explain it to them. What makes it worse is that they are creatures of routine, so the distinctive loud sound causes them great distress. Their natural reaction would be the fight or flight response.

What Are the Dangers of Firework Phobia?

The dog’s fear of fireworks can be destructive and dangerous. They can hurt themselves or you. Although each pet would have a different reaction, the typical response would be to hide under the bed or cower in a corner. Most of the time, dogs would flee from the source of noise and end up several kilometres away from home.

Pet parents often report that their frightened furbabies hurt themselves in their desperate attempts to flee from the noise. They can injure themselves from jumping over or digging under the fence or car accidents.

What are the signs that your dog is scared of fireworks?

Our furbabies show different signs of their anxiety. If you are near the firework display, you should watch out for the following:

1.)    Hypersalivation

2.)    Excessive barking

3.)    Follows you around anxiously and remains close at all times

4.)    Hides and cowers

5.)    Experiences tremors

6.)    Excessive licking

7.)    Wide eyes

8.)    Attempts to escape

How to Calm Your Furbaby?

It will take more than a couple of their favourite dog treats to calm them down. If, in the past, you have noticed that your furbaby has storm or noise phobias, you can try the same methods during the firework display.


Man’s best friend deserves all our love and attention. It is only natural for us to protect them from themselves during a firework display.

Once this is over, why not treat your furbaby to dog cakes? You can celebrate their bravery during these festivities that end with fireworks at Frankie Loves Bakery. It would be the most fitting way to show them how much you care for them, so come visit us soon!