The holidays are fast approaching, which means you’ll soon be knee-deep in a whirlwind of festivities with your loved ones. With a flurry of activity naturally comes some stress and tension, which means you’ll want to pay extra attention to your four-legged friend and ensure they stay happy amidst the hectic schedule.

This time of the year can be incredibly challenging for some dogs, especially those anxious or overly active. If you’re regularly having people over or frequently bringing your dog to different parties, they may feel overwhelmed and stressed. Here are some tips to help you keep their anxiety under wraps and give them an enjoyable holiday season:

1. Create a Safe Space

December is a hectic month, where you’ll likely have guests from all over coming in and out of your home. If you are hosting a few parties this month, be sure to have a designated safe space for your dog to ensure they have somewhere comfortable to retreat in when they feel nervous. Surround this space with their favourite toys and bed.

If your dog is timid, request that your guests, however well-meaning, give your dog their personal space. However, you can also introduce your dog if they’re especially friendly to get them used to your guests. When they react positively, be sure to reward them with delicious healthy dog biscuits!

2. Stick to a Routine

Dogs thrive on sticking to a schedule, so you’ll need to make sure you follow one as much as possible. While it doesn’t have to be strict, you should generally take your dog on a walk and feed them at the same times as you do for the rest of the year to help them feel more normal during the mayhem of festivities. You can also keep a checklist to monitor your pet’s activities and ensure you do everything on time.

3. Give Them Plenty of Love and Affection

Whether hosting or attending a party, your attention will undoubtedly be divided, as you’ll be busy mingling with your guests. A full holiday season means you won’t have as much time to play with your dog. Unfortunately, the dip in attention may stress your dog, so you’ll need to make sure you give them lots of affection every single chance you get. Pet them, snuggle them, and spend as much time as possible to compensate for the temporary lack of attention during the holidays.

4. Get Some Exercise 

It’s no secret that exercise works wonders for the mind and body, which also applies to your dog. If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, they’ll become restless, irritable, stressed, and eventually destructive. Your daily walks are a great way to help them expend their energy, keeping them calm during the holidays. If your dog seems lethargic or weak, feed them some special dog treats to motivate them.

5. Be Careful When Giving Them Holiday Food

Holiday food smells fantastic, and boy does your dog know it. They’ll likely be looking up at you with irresistible puppy eyes when they realise you’re scoffing down some delicious food. However, some of these may be poisonous to your dog, as grapes, raisins, chocolate, garlic, and onions are all toxic to them. Nicotine, alcohol, and coffee also aren’t good for your dog, so keep these substances away from them. Instead, feed them plenty of healthy dog treats to make them feel included in all your celebrations!

6. Keep an Eye on Your Dog 

Few things are as devastating as losing your dog, especially during the holidays. It can be challenging to keep track of them when you’re attending to several guests, so to avoid this, be sure to put your dog under constant surveillance by a trusted person. If they tend to dart out of the door when it is open, be sure to review your callback commands and have them wear a collar with a tag.


The holidays are both a joyful and stressful time, so it’s vital to ensure your dog continues receiving the love and attention they usually do. By following these tips, your dog will be primarily calm and stress-free during the most wonderful time of the year.

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