If diet and nutrition are essential for humans, they are also crucial for our four-legged friends. Aside from ensuring that our pets like what they are eating, it is also vital to make sure that what they consume is healthy. In 98.7% of dog owners who claim their pet dogs are healthy, at least 16.2% of them add bones or raw food to their pets’ diets—resulting in a positive response in the animals’ health. Therefore, switching to a raw food diet is beneficial for most pets at home. But aside from the health benefits raw diets contribute, how else do they help our pets? Here are some ideas.

1. Higher Nutritional Value Intake

Foods high in natural protein and minerals are essential for making your pet’s skin and coat healthy and beautiful, thus leading to better grooming. Raw diets are rich in crude protein and minerals necessary to build a healthy coat or skin. Consuming raw food can improve your pet’s skin and prevent dry and itchy skin.

2. Induces Mealtime Excitement

While commercial pet food is convenient and readily available, it is not appealing to dogs. That is why most dog owners spend a lot of time enticing their dogs to finish their food. Aside from the bland taste, cooked pet food also lacks nutrients that can make your dog excited at mealtime.

On the contrary, raw food is appealing to dogs. Studies have shown that dogs get excited when they begin eating it. Raw food is also rich in protein and fat, which dogs love. Aside from the appealing taste, raw food has natural vitamins and minerals that can make your puppy healthier and happier.

3. Reduces the Risk of Developing Skin Allergies

Allergies caused by food allergies in dogs can be very dangerous. These allergies can cause hair loss, skin irritation, rash and even vomiting. The most common food allergies in dogs are caused by dairy, beef, chicken and chicken eggs. If your pup exhibits any of these allergic reactions, it is safe to assume that they are allergic to that food. If your dog is suffering from a food allergy, switching to a raw diet may be the answer.

4. Improves Digestion in the Long Run

Humans are prone to developing digestive problems due to poor eating habits, but these problems affect dogs more. A raw diet rich in “meaty bones” or a bone-in diet is crucial to ensure that the food you are giving your dog is healthy and easily digestible. If dogs are not fed high-quality food that is rich in collagen, they will develop digestive problems.

5. Promotes Shiny Skin and Coat

A raw diet is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help control the skin and coat. These fatty acids allow your pet’s coat to be shiny and soft. Given that dogs naturally have an oily coat, giving your dog a diet rich in natural oils is essential to keep their skin healthy.


Like us, dogs also need healthy foods for their bodies. Dogs can have skin allergies just like humans. They can experience digestive issues and suffer from itchy skin. Using a raw diet can answer most of your dog’s health problems. It is best to consult your vet if you plan to switch to a raw diet for your dog.

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