Beef Chew Dehydrated Treats


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And here’s something we’ve all been waiting for – All natural hand rolled chews!

Made from 100% beef here in Australia, these beef chews clean your pooch’s teeth and fulfill their need to chew without any harmful chemicals or bleaches. The fur brushes the digestive tract as it passes through removing the build up of food residue and sweeps out parasites in the gut. So while your dog is happily chewing away, it is helping to keep them healthy from the inside.

Sold Individually. Approximately 2cm in length and 4cm thick.

Our dehydrated dog treats are dried at a low temperature over a long period of time to ensure they retain all the nutritional value of raw ingredients, but without the dangerous pathogens that can sometimes be found in raw meat, making them a convenient, fuss-free snack for your pooch.

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